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To update from the old JoomGallery 3.3.4 to the new version, please note the following:

  • Install the new version (JoomGallery 3.3.5 or later) via the Extension Manager of Joomla!
  • In the control center of the JoomGallery you will be offered updates for the installed JoomGallery extensions. Now run the update for all already installed extensions of the JoomGallery.
  • After all extensions of JoomGallery have been updated, go to the following menu item: Extensions->Manage->Update Sites and click on the button "Rebuild".

Thus, the update should work fine.  :)

Not allowed are the following posts:

- who violate applicable law.
- directed against minorities, marginalized groups, foreign citizens or same-sex partnerships.
- offering, linking or invoking violence-glorifying content.
- containing insults or obscene expressions.
- include political or religious advertising or advertising for a product.
- that violate the copyright and licensing laws.

The administrators and moderators have the right, if these rules are ignored, to delete the post and to block the creator if necessary.

Forum rules / How do I ask my question correctly?
« on: May 15, 2019, 02:13 PM »
Please include as many of the following information as possible in your questions:

  •   Describes the problem in as much detail as possible. Remember that the supporters do not see what you see in front of you.
  •   What have you already done to solve the problem?
  •   What have you already tried and what did not work?
  •   When did it last worked?
  •   Which Joomla! Version you use?
  •   Which JoomGallery version do you use?
  •   Which PHP- / MySQL version?
  •   Which extensions and templates are installed?

Give as possible a link to the website, so can be helped most effectively.
If a question has already been asked in another forum give the link here.
Questions should only be asked once, pushing is undesirable.
Use the forum search! Maybe there is already the answer to your question.
Also a feedback, which answer to the solution helped, helps the supporters and in the forum search.
If the question is answered, mark the topic as "solved".

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